Hello, we are Ryan and Marguerite; the uncorked wine duo.

Located in the Northern Virginia area, we enjoy travel, adventures, raising our daughter and fur babies, and wine, duh, but seriously we focus on wine education, wine tasting, and wine reviewing. I call us uncorked because we are never too sure what adventure wine exploring will lead us to.

Our story begins in Aug 2010 at a little music festival in the mountains of rural Virginia. A hungry lady would say we met at a bar and the adventurous guy would say we met at a bar; regardless I offered this handsome fella some french fries and the rest was history. On that fateful night, neither of us were partaking in the delicious nectar of the gods after all we were at a brewery, but we had many drinks and danced the night away. As our relationship grew, Ryan introduced me to his favorite local wineries and our love for wine and each other grew rich on the vine. We began to adventure more around the US and the world. We took trips to around Virginia, Napa and Sonoma region, Finger Lakes region, Florida wineries. We eventually made our way across the big ocean to visit Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, and Georgia. We let the countries fill us full of wine, hospitality and of course some local cuisine. We became regulars at our local Total Wine store and favorite nearby wineries. We’ve met wine connoisseurs, sommeliers, and every wanna-be in between. Fast forward 11 years, we’ve moved 7 times, had 1 daughter, adopted 2 fur babies, switched jobs 12 times, lost 4 loved ones and inherited 1 cat, but through all the ups and downs of life our love of wines had persisted and even grown more refined. Our wines and ensuing experiences has come to represent special moments in our life story. We’ve decide to share our special wine moments through this blog. Hopefully we will educate, laugh, smile, and drink a whole lotta wine along the journey.